President Clinton's strategy to strengthen the economy is based on reducing the federal budget deficit, lowering trade barriers, and empowering workers, families, businesses and communities to succeed. Here are some of the results for the nation and Texas after the first two years of the Clinton Administration:

Improved Economic and Fiscal Conditions in the United States:

Improved Economic Conditions in Texas:

What President Clinton's Accomplishments Have Achieved for the People of Texas:

$10,000 OF REDUCED FEDERAL DEBT FOR EVERY FAMILY OF FOUR IN TEXAS: By 1998, the national debt will be more than $600 billion lower than was projected before the passage of the President's economic plan. That's about $10,000 of reduced federal debt for each family of four in Texas.

16 TIMES MORE TEXAS FAMILIES RECEIVE A TAX CUT THAN A TAX INCREASE: As a result of the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit, 1,441,104 working families in Texas will receive a tax cut. This compares to an increase in the income tax rate for only the 90,111 wealthiest taxpayers in Texas.

TAX CUT FOR 98,643 SMALL BUSINESSES IN TEXAS: The President helped entrepreneurs, proprietors, and other small businessmen and women by expanding the annual expensing allowance from $10,000 to $17,500. About 98,643 small businesses in Texas are likely to benefit from the expansion of the expensing allowance this year alone and many more will benefit over the coming years.

2,812,000 TEXAS WORKERS PROTECTED BY FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT: The Family and Medical Leave Act allows workers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the birth of a child, to care for a sick family member, or if they become too sick to work. This law covers about 2,812,390 workers in Texas, and protects the jobs of 168,953 workers in Texas who are likely to use unpaid leave this year alone.

1.09 MILLION STUDENTS AND FORMER STUDENTS IN TEXAS WILL BE ABLE TO BENEFIT FROM STUDENT LOAN REFORMS: Approximately 1.09 million Texas borrowers -- 760,000 current borrowers and 330,000 new borrowers in the next few years -- can take advantage of the new direct student loan program by participating directly in the program or by consolidating guaranteed loans into direct loans. Some will benefit from lower interest rates, and all will benefit from more repayment options, including income contingent repayment.