Jonathan P. (Jock) Gill

Jock Gill is the Director of Special Projects in the Office of Media Affairs at the White House. He is assigned to work on the Administration's Open Information Policies.

Among his responsibilities are: Electronic Publishing, Electronic Public Outreach, Media Affairs Technical Support, Public Spokesperson and New Technologies Evaluation. In the Spring of 1993, he led the effort to form the Americans Communicating Electronically (ACE) project. In June of 1993, he was instrumental in the opening of the first internet addresses for the President and Vice President. This was followed in the fall of 1993 with email access to public White House documents via publications@WhiteHouse.Gov. In February 1994, Mr. Gill participated in the first publication of a proposed budget on CD-ROM. He has been working on the White House Mosaic project since February 1994.

In February 1994, Mr Gill was selected by Federal Computer Week as one of the 'Federal 100 of 1994'.

Prior to joining the White House Office of Media Affairs, Mr. Gill founded and served as the President of Penfield Gill Inc., an information technologies consulting firm. Working as a consultant to the Clinton/Gore 1992 Presidential Campaign and Transition, Mr. Gill was responsible for operation of the campaign's email and electronic publishing activities. These efforts were recognized as "The Email Event of 1992".

In 1981, Mr. Gill was the founding president of Computer Access Corporation, where he directed the development of the BlueFish Information Retrieval System and initiated the "Computer Library" project. In 1987, after Lotus acquired the BlueFish program, he served as a Lotus senior product marketing manager.

Office of Media Affairs, Room 161
Old Executive Office Building
Washington, DC 20500