White House Correspondence

White House Correspondence

Overview: This World-Wide Web form provides a graphical user interface for sending email to the White House. When you submit your message using this interface, the server packages the information you provide and delivers it to an email agent. The email agent examines some of the extra information you provide about your message and routes it to the appropriate White House personnel.

Recipient: To whom are you addressing your message?

The President
The Vice President

Personal Name: What is your name?

Email Address: What is your electronic mail address?

Organization: If you are writing on behalf of an organization, union, association, group, or country, what is your organization's full name and what is your relationship to it (e.g., position, member, citizen)?


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The next three items are optional but may expedite the handling of your message
Purpose: What is your purpose or reason for writing this message?

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Affiliation: In what capacity are you writing to the White House?

Subject: In your own words, what is the major subject of your message?

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Shortly after you send this form, you will receive an email message confirming that your message has been received by the White House.

You will eventually receive a reply from the White House Correspondence Office via U.S. mail.

If you do not have reliable access to WWW or you would just rather use email directly, you may send a message to president@whitehouse.gov or vice.president@whitehouse.gov