Office of the President

[Presidential Seal] White House Offices and Agencies

[PHOTO: President Clinton at
The President on Domestic Issues

[PHOTO: President Clinton and volunteers]
The Corporation For National Service

[Presidential Seal] The Affirmative Action Review Report to the President

[ICON: UN 50th Anniversary 
President Clinton speaks at the closing ceremony
of the United Nations 50th Anniversary Celebration
Text of the President's remarks at the closing ceremony

The President's Forest Plan
Breaking Gridlock and Moving Forward

The President's Economic Plan

Rebuilding America for a New Era

[PHOTO: President and Mrs. Clinton at Prayer Service] Remarks By The President During "A Time of Healing" Prayer Service April 23, 1995

[ICON: USA] A Look at President Clinton's Accomplishments During the First Two Years

[Clinton at MSU] President Clinton's Address at Michigan State University's Spring 1995 Convocation

[Bill & Hillary Clinton] Highlights of President Clinton's First Eighteen Months in the White House

[Flags of Many Nations]>
<A HREF=President Clinton's Middle East Tour

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