As the President has said, the key to long-term deficit reduction is controlling health care costs through health care reform. Thus, in his plan to balance the budget by 2005, the President presents a serious first step toward reform that: The President's plan expands coverage, cuts the deficit with less than half the Medicare savings and a third of the Medicaid savings that Republicans propose, and imposes no new cost increases on Medicare beneficiaries.

By contrast, the Republican budget proposals threaten Medicare beneficiaries, reduce Medicaid coverage for millions of children and elderly Americans, and endanger many hospitals, including academic health centers. The Republicans' cuts (assuming a 50/50 beneficiary/provider split) would increase out-of-pocket costs for couples by $1,700 in 2002 alone (under the House budget resolution). Moreover, the Republicans do not reinvest one penny into health care; instead, the Republicans use Medicare and Medicaid cuts to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars of tax cuts for well-off Americans.


1. Reforming the Insurance Market

Insurance reforms, based on proposals that both Republicans and Democrats supported in the last Congress, will improve the fairness and efficiency of the insurance marketplace.

2. Helping Working Families Retain Insurance After a Job Loss

Families that lose their health insurance when they lose a job will be eligible for premium subsidies for up to 6 months. The premium subsidies will be adequate to help families purchase health insurance with benefits like the Blue Cross/Blue Shield standard option plan available to Federal employees.

3. Helping Small Businesses Afford Insurance

4. Reforming and Strengthening Medicare

5. Long-Term Care

6. Reforming Medicaid

The President maintains Medicaid, expanding state flexibility, cutting costs, and assuring Medicaid's ability to provide coverage to the vulnerable populations it now serves.


Republican Tax Cuts Require Deep Medicare Cuts

Medicare Savings- Seven Years

Medicare Savings- Ten Years

Medicare Reform- Impact on Beneficiaries in 2002

Medicaid Savings- Seven Years

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