Significant Accomplishments in Science and Technology Policy

1. Improved the business environment for private sector innovation and investment.

2. Strengthened federal support for basic research.

3. Focused Federal R&D priorities on civilian technologies that spur economic growth and create high-wage jobs.

4. Worked toward world-class education for all our children and accessible, productive lifelong training for the work force, to make the benefits of technology more available to all.

5. Fought for trade and export policies that support economic growth.

6. Redirected defense R&D and procurement toward dual-use technologies, enabling DOD to draw on leading-edge, affordable commercial technologies to meet military needs while also strengthening civilian industries.

7. Promoted the National Information Infrastructure.

8. Developed technology strategies for environmental protection that also promote economic growth.

9. Re-invented the space program.

10. Re-organized Federal science and technology efforts for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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