Executive Summary

New Realities
Maintaining Military Strength
Controlling Arms and Stemming the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Meeting the Challenge of Global Threats
Strengthening Economic Security
Other Contributions
In Summary


Maintaining Military Advantage Through Science and Technology Investment

Science, Technology, and Military Strength
Defense Research and Engineering
Basic Research Fields of Inquiry
Technology Areas for Exploratory Development and Advanced Technology Development
Priorities of the Department of Defense S&T Program
Counterproliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Future Joint Warfighting Capabilities
Information Technologies to Ready Our Forces-Battlefield Digitization Technologies
Science and Technology to combat Terrorism
Defense Programs in the Department of Energy
Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship
S&T Priorities for Defense Programs in the Department of Energy
The Intelligence Community
Carrying out the Defense S&T Mission
Private Industry
New Ways of Doing Business
Defense Acquisition Reform
Dual-Use Technologies
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations
Technology Reinvestment Project
The International Dimension

Controlling Arms and Stemming the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Arms Control and Nonproliferation Imperative
The Role of S&T
Government-Industry Collaboration in Nonproliferation
S&T's Role in Building Effective Arms Restraints
Treaties and Agreements
Export Controls
National controls to Prevent Unauthorized Transfers
Detection, Monitoring, and Verification
Space-Based Detection Technologies
Land-Sea-Air-Based Detection Technologies
Detecting Proliferant Activity With Laser Technology
Technologies for On-Site Inspection
Cooperation to control Fissile Materials
Improving Worldwide Adherence to Nonproliferation Norms
The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program
Conducting the Arms Control and Nonproliferation S&T Program
The Challenges Ahead

Meeting the Challenge of Global Threats

The Problem
The Challenge to Science and Technology
Policy Response
Preventive Diplomacy
Promoting Sustainable Development
Science and Technology for the Prevention fo Civil Conflict
Population Stabilization
Defining Sustainable Development
Food Security
Natural Resource Stewardship
Postconflict Landmine Clearance
Natural Disaster Mitigation
Promotion of Knowledge
The Global Information Infrastructure and Sustainable Development
An Environmental Technology Strategy
Responding to Global Threats
Infectious Diseases
Climate Change
The Importance of Surveillance Systems for Infectious Diseases
Observations and Data Management
Biodiversity and ecosystem Research
Socioeconomic Dimensions
Science Policy Tools
Strategic Internation Cooperation

Strengthening Economic Security

The Policy Challenge
Administration Policy
Export Control Reform for Infectious Diseases
Innovation, economic Integration, and Trade
Promoting Economic Integration and Trade Through Innovation Policies
Strategic Science and Technology Cooperation and Emerging Markets
Promoting Innovation Through Collaboration with Other Economies