"Protecting our nation's security our people, our territory and our way of life is my Administration's foremost mission and constitutional duty. The end of the Cold War fundamentally changed America's security imperatives. The central security challenge of the past half century the threat of communist expansion is gone. The dangers we face today are more diverse. Ethnic conflict is spreading and rogue states pose a serious danger to regional stability in many corners of the globe. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction represents a major challenge to our security. Large scale environmental degradation, exacerbated by rapid population growth, threatens to undermine political stability in many countries."

William J. Clinton
A National Security Strategy of
Enlargement and Engagement, 1995

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Maintaining Military Advantage Through Science and Technology Investment
Controlling Arms and Stemming the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Meeting the Challenge of Global Threats
Strengthening Economic Security