Reinventing Government

As Vice President, Gore is actively involved in a wide range of Administration initiatives as well as being an advisor to the President on foreign policy. At the request of President Clinton, he heads the effort to reinvent the federal government to make it work better and cost less. His comprehensive report to the President, the National Performance Review, produced hundreds of specific recommendations and cost-savings reforms to improve the federal government and save taxpayers money. About 80 percent of those recommendations already are being put in place across the federal government. He continues his reinvention work, visiting federal agencies and employees each week.

Stregthening Families

In his continuing effort to support and strengthen families, Vice President Gore has moderated three annual Family Reunion Conferences, bringing together policy makers, experts in the field, family members and grass-roots service providers to address issues that affect families. Most recently, Vice President Gore focused on the role of men in children's lives, calling for a change in culture to involve them physically, emotionally and financially. Results from these conferences have been incorporated into such policy initiatives as the National Performance Review and the Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Program.

Putting Consumers First

An advocate for consumers and taxpayers throughout his life in public service, Gore has taken on the cable television industry, manufacturers of contact lenses, telephone companies, and the federal government, leading investigations into the lack of quality control in the U.S. space program, government waste, inadequate nutrition, and labeling of food products and toys that are hazardous to children. Gore's legislation to stop the skyrocketing cable television rate increases of the past decade was signed into law in 1992.

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