National Information Infrastructure

Vice President Gore, having first coined the term "information superhighway" 17 years ago, is the recognized public leader in the development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) -- a seamless web of communications networks, computers, databases, and consumer electronics that will put vast amounts of information at users' fingertips. The Vice President unveiled the Administration's proposals to reform the communications marketplace, a key component of the NII, in a speech to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He cited the need to bring the economic, health, and educational benefits of the information revolution to all Americans and challenged his audience to connect every classroom, library, hospital and clinic to the NII by the year 2000 so that all Americans can benefit from the communications revolution. The agenda outlined by the Vice President is only one in a series of steps necessary to encourage the development of the NII. In addition, Vice President Gore has proposed and strongly encouraged the development of a Global Information Infrastructure that bridges sovereign nations' information infrastructures to connect people around the world through a massive network of networks.

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