Comparison of President's Balanced Budget and Congressional Majority Plan
Civilian R&D by Category

Overall: President Clinton's investment strategy recognizes that U.S. economic growth and prosperity depend on technology and proposed expansion of critical Federal R&D programs that assist industry's ability to compete in the global marketplace. The Congressional majority's plan, as indicated by proposed authorization bills, budget resolutions, and FY 1996 Appropriations action, have cut back funding for science and technology. Applied technology programs, in particular, are being drastically cut (and in some cases even eliminated) by the majority plan. These are the programs with the primary mission of working with industry to promote economic growth and U.S. competitiveness.

o Advanced Technology Development/Technology Partnerships: The President's economic plan highlights the core role technology development and innovation play in economic growth. The Advanced Technology Program (ATP) and Technology Reinvestment Program (TRP) -- competitive, industry-government partnerships that leverage federal dollars -- are slated for steady growth by the President. Congressional Republicans have called for their elimination immediately. Both ATP and TRP are zeroed out by the House Appropriations Committee. Energy's cooperative research with industry (i.e., CRADAs) and technology transfer programs are also drastically reduced.

o Environment: The President proposes to protect the environment and our natural resources, but still save money by focusing funds on legitimate Federal functions, cutting or eliminating lower-priority programs, and increasing the use of user fees. The Congressional majority would eliminate or reduce funds for several programs including the construction of municipal wastewater and drinking water facilities, the National Biological Service, Climate Change, the Partnership for Next Generation of Vehicles (DOE and NASA), GLOBE, DOE's renewable energy and conservation R&D programs, and EPA's Environmental Technology Initiative.

o Space: The President proposes to continue investment in key areas such as the Space Station, Mission to Planet Earth, and Aeronautics research while continuing the reinvention of NASA. The Congressional majority has proposed cutbacks to many of the Administration's initiatives at NASA, including Mission to Planet Earth, High Performance Computing and Communications and Clean Car.

o Safety: The President targets additional funds at key aviation R&D projects to enhance safety and efficiency of our Nation's air traffic control system. The Congressional majority would terminate these projects and proposes additional cuts from programs such as high speed rail, Coast Guard, and national highway traffic safety.

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