Energy and Transportation Task Force


The Energy and Transportation Task Force is developing both short- and long-term policy recommendations and complementary implementation strategies to help guide the nation towards a more sustainable energy and transportation future.


Earlier this year, the Task Force drafted four plausible energy and transportation scenarios. The Task Force came to the following conclusions from this effort:

Based on the lessons of the scenarios project, the Task Force drafted three provisional goals:

Progress toward the energy goal is measured against provisional quantitative targets for increased energy efficiency, a greater share of renewable energy, and increased efficiency of electricity generated from fossil fueled facilities. Transportation performance measures are shown through increasing national and economic security, and reduced dependence on oil imports, reduced greenhouse emissions from the transportation sector, reduced traffic congestion in urban areas, decreased per capita vehicle-miles traveled, and levels of ride sharing as an alternative to personal motor vehicles.

The draft goals and measures of progress are viewed as works in progress. Although the goals are not "end points" in themselves, if achieved they would significantly contribute to the ultimate goal of becoming a more sustainable society. The numerical values included in the goals are supported from a variety of analytical sources and are undergoing further analysis.

The Task Force is developing policy options that will contribute to achieving the goals. This list of policy options was narrowed and grouped into two main areas:

Next Steps

The Task Force currently is gathering further analytical information from a variety of sources to further evaluate the numerical measures in the goals as well as to provide a better understanding of the economic, equity and environmental impacts of each option. Policy recommendations from the task forces are due to the full Council by March 31, 1995 for its consideration.

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