Principles, Goals, and Definitions Task Force


The Principles, Goals and Definitions Task Force was formed to play an advisory role for the Council in establishing principles, goals, and definitions of sustainable development. The Task Force also aids in integrating all of the Council's initiatives into a single national action strategy for sustainable development. In addition, the Task Force advises the Council of public responses to its various work products.


Based on the work schedule established in July 1994, all of the task forces submitted goals to the Council on December 31, 1994. Policy recommendations must be submitted to the Council by March 31, 1995. Goals were the primary topic of discussion at the full Council meeting in Chattanooga and have been the main focus of the Principles, Goals and Definitions Task Force since then. The Task Force is the primary group responsible for managing the process of integrating the task force goals into a full range of Council goals. To accomplish this project, the Task Force held a retreat on February 21-22 in Atlanta, Georgia for all Council Members and their principal liaisons. The primary purpose of the retreat was to discuss the goals in detail and from these discussions make recommendations to the full Council.

In addition to working on the goal-setting process, the Task Force also will work with other task forces in developing indicators of progress for the goals. The Task Force will work with the federal government interagency working group on indicators, the National Academy of Sciences, and other organizations that are working on goals and indicators for sustainable development.

Next Steps

The Task Force work in the next few months will continue to focus on integrated goals and indicators and, after March 31, policy recommendations.

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