Sustainable Agriculture Task Force


Agriculture is an integral part of American life. America's farms and ranches provide food, feed, and fiber to people worldwide. Culturally, agriculture plays a key role in our national identity and character. Agriculture continues to define and sustain a thriving and distinctive rural culture in America. For these reasons, agriculture is critically important to sustainable development in local, regional, national, and international contexts.

The Sustainable Agriculture Task Force is developing an integrated vision of sustainable agriculture, focusing on sustainable production practices and systems. The Task Force will recommend goals and actions in the areas of agriculture-related research and education, technology, and farming practices and systems to the Council for the National Action Strategy.

Method and Organization

The Sustainable Agriculture Task Force has asked 12 additional advisory members from disciplines and backgrounds reflecting the diversity and balance of the Council to enhance its work and outcome. The Task Force is using an approach that synthesizes public roundtable discussions, field visits, and review and analysis of the literature into a draft report for public review and subsequent final report.


The Task Force is holding a series of roundtable discussions with invited experts from diverse disciplines and experiences in the area of agriculture. These roundtable discussions are held in conjunction with the quarterly Council meetings. The next roundtable is scheduled for April 26, 1995 in San Francisco.

Task Force Council Membership



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