Family Life at the White House

[PHOTO: Clinton Family Photo]
When Bill Clinton was a senior in high school, he was selected to go to Washington, D.C., to be part of Boys Nation. Bill Clinton was one of the first in line to shake President Kennedy's hand in the Rose Garden. After that, he knew he wanted to make a difference in the lives of people by becoming President of the United States. This photo is one of his most cherished possessions [PHOTO: President Clinton meeting President Kennedy at Boys Nation, (C) 1994 Consolidated News Photos - Photo by Arnie Sachs.

The President and Mrs. Clinton believe very strongly in the importance of being involved in one's community. Here, the President and Mrs. Clinton [PHOTO: First Family helping at a food bank on Thanksgiving] help prepare Thanksgiving Dinner for homeless people at New Covenant Baptist Church in Washington, DC. This is a family tradition they started in Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton, who has always found time to work with the children of the community, joins in on the fun at a local school with two young artists [PHOTO: Mrs. Clinton with children].

To relax, President Clinton plays the saxophone [PHOTO: President Clinton playing the saxophone], and occasionally, a round of golf [PHOTO: President Clinton playing golf].

He likes to play with the family cat [PHOTO: President Clinton with his cat Socks], Socks [PHOTO: Socks, the First Feline], [AUDIO: Socks, the First Family's cat] (~36K) [AUDIO: Socks, the First Family's cat] (~37K) [TRANSCRIPT: Socks, the First Family's cat] as well as enjoying other leisure time activities, such as horseback riding [PHOTO: President Clinton horseback riding], bike riding, and boating. Here, he is on vacation at Martha's Vineyard.

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