Status report on Welcome to the White House

15 May 1995

General individual comments:

Power to the People! This is *great* and it's about time. Now get those Congressional Slugs off their behinds and commit the funding necessary to provide public kiosks in every town and hamlet as a start. Then let's get intemet access in to each and every home and empower the people, the voters to become actively involved, in *real time* with their government.

Just wanted to sign in and be a part of History... This is a great service!!!

Although I'm a republican, I must still say congrats for setting up this web server. I tip my hat to you for recognizing the importance of bringing our government into the 21st century.

This is to let you know how much I appreciate this online service. I am new to the intemet and unable to move around very well. I will learn though. Although I am not a Democrat I do Al Gore out did himself on this.

THE WWW.WHITEHOUSE.GOV is an excellent service, long overdue. I strongly commend the excellent work done by your administrative and technical staff in bringing this service to the American People. I work as the Army's senior engineer in messaging and networks, and this complement is the first I have made to a service of this type. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, WE APPRECIATE IT.

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate these pages. I may never see them in person, but this definately -is the next best thing! Again, I really appreciate it.

Hi. I am so excited that I got in here. I'm sitting in my computer class just flabergasted by my acomplishment. I have just a few questins for you guys up in the big house. Is it a requirement to know all the new technology? Are you any good at figuring out them with out help? Well got to go class has ended.

I think it is very progressive to provide access to the White House. I look forward to staying better informed as a U.S citizen.

It's great, a great homepage

Good product.

I think that the White House connection through the World Wide Web (WWW) is a great idea. I congratulate each and every one of you on the work that you have done. Keep it up, and thanks again. The advances made via computer technology are incredible, and we must use them responsibly and efficiently.

just wanted to say thanks that we are a free nation to be able to do what we are doing and be able to enjoy the technology that is ours....

I think your online tour of the Whitehouse is awesome!!! It's great to see government taking a leadership role in the area of information technology. Please send my appreciation to all those who contributed. Keep up the great work!

I would like to congratulate you on a very well-made WWW page. Thanks very much for making it an option to see the page in textual format rather than with the graphics. My web browser doesn't have graphics capabilities, so I wouldn't have been able to see what you had made.

Very pleased with the access to the white house information center. It goes a long way to personalize the Executive Branch of government.

This is a wonderful service! It amazes me that I can commuicate this way. This is the first time I have been on the intemet. Please tell the President he is doing a great job.

You are doing a great job. I think this is a fantastic capability. I would like you to suggest to an appropriate individual that it would be appropriate for the State Department to set up either a home page or simply a hypertext link for accessing information concerning procedures for obtaining passports. Ideally, and I realize this will take time, I would suggest that the State Department institute an on-line procedure for tracking passport processing. I have been waiting more than 4 weeks to obtain a passport, via conventional mail. It would be useful if at the very least, I could find out if my passport request has been processed. Again, I want to compliment you on a job well-done and on the on-going development of a wonderful capability.

I enjoyed visiting your site. I expecially love all the govermental agencies list. I plan to visit often.

I'm on Slovenian computer show and I'd like to send you best regards and congratulate you on your work!

Just wanted to let you know that this is the best site on the net.

As an Australian family with 2 school age boys (Sam 10, Nicholas 8) we appreciate the resources you have put together. In reasonably simple terms we now understand a little bit more about The President and His family.

I'm writing this from San Antonio, where I recently took a new job. My wife and two children are still in Dallas, and I can't wait to show them your virtual White House. It seems warm and hospitable. A great service, displaying the capabilities of the internet. Also, a great comfort to lonely insomniacs (it's 3 AM here). Thanks.

I just happened to come across this page using Mosaic - I think it's a great service!!!!

To whoever I'm talking to, your little thing on the web is really cool! I enjoyed visiting your Whitehouse from the land DOWN-UNDER!

I like it is really cool on what tech. can do in this day and age. I can sit in my home in Illinois and send a message directly to the President and Vice President. It is really neat. And thanks for making it possible.

Now *this* is heading in the right direction for the 21st century! Hope the current administration will be the one's leading us there!

I would just like to say that I am pleased that the government has taken enough interest to have a service like this available to citizens. It is very useful. I plan to continue to use it.

I am new to WWW but not the internet. Today, I've been looking around and haven't been able to connect to most of the things I wanted to. It is pleasing to be able to connect here and find so much within. Keep up the good work.

I would never think of using the telephone to communicate with the White House/President, etc., but with this service I can add to the public forum and enable Americans to communicate with the Government. Thank you for this excellent service. I shall bring my 10 year old daughter to the screen at a later date and show her the wonders of the White House and its occupants.

The Internet is absolutely wonderful and a very learning experience for everyone. Thank you for your helpful tour of our most powerful resources at D.C.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for this simple, easy-to-use on-line message service to the White House. The person(s) responsible for its implementation should be amply rewarded. Thank you.

Hey I think that this is a fantastic service! I have learned more from www than from the tour guides I had when I was at Washington D.C. Thumbs Up!! Bye!!!

Thanks for excellent work on both the graphics and text areas of the web page. You have obviously spent considerable time and effort to ensure a workable and informative interface. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the homepage, I'll not bother you again until I can't find something. So far though, no glitches.

I just wanted to let you know that I have appreciated your efforts in creating and maintaining this service. This is a great way for someone from a foreign country to get an insight into the White House, and also the way that your country is governed. Very informative. Thanks again.

I am writing to express the gratification I feel at seeing governments such as yours in providing readily accessible information to the public, both for aesthetic and other (such as commercial or academic) use. I hope to continue to see such improvement which will hopefully encourage the cultural interchange formerly possible only thruogh travel or television. I see this medium as having the interactive advantages of travel combined with the ease and convenience of broadcast information, producing a middle of the road solution to allowing the self-education of the individual. The provision of this type of service is an excellent use of information resources, and a good. way to encourage more people to make use of this facility. Hopefully it will not become overburdened with regulation. In short, way to go!

I came across the address of this web site in a professional journal, librarianship, and decided to try it on my computer at home. I't is great to see the White House supporting the newest technology. I can remember the science and space races of decades past. It is an area we must challenge ourselves to excell at again. Please support this new global technology for our school children and senior citizens.

hello president, my name is caroline, i am french, i am 12 years old i would like to visit usa because i love the states could you help me in getting a ticket for usa i have got 3 brothers and a little bird my surname is grenouille which means frog in french that's why my intemet adress is frogfrogy2

I think that having virtual tours are a great idea. It leats people that do not have time to go to Washington D.C. to see it from their computer screen. Although it may not be as exciting as it would be to visit it in person you still get to see some of the great monuments of our country. I just wanted to say keep it up your doing a great job.

I think the White House homepage is a work of art. It is the only good thing I can say about the white house at present. This homepage is done in a very professional way a I would be interested in the software that was used. Thanks for your time as I know it is valuable.

I imagine your job is almost "science-fictional" in nature. Almost an inverse-corollary alternative to cyberpunk themes. I suppose your position amounts to a sort of liason between the citizenry, the administration, and the intemet itself, which may not be exactly "intelligent" but certainly accesses an amount of knowledge that I find staggering.

I am new to the intemet and think this is the most incredible service that I have ever seen and feel it provides an ipportunity to know what is going on within the Whitehouse.

In my first foray into the World Wide Web, I found myself wondering what my government was going to do with this technology. As a Systems Analyst, I like to see information services which are simple to use, yet complex enough underneath to provide the user with a seamless flow of information. What you have done here is great!! I really just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks for providing such a great service, and please keep up the GREAT work!!!

Dear sir, I used my mothers computer to tour the White House. I found it very interesting and full of information. Thank you for making it possible. My name is Kieran and I am I 1 years old. Goodbye from Austalia.

Your home page is fantastic... Have you considered adding images of national monuments and historical info on the whitehouse/capital/congress et al and turn this into a civic course? It could bring the old "Civic" textbook to LIFE!!!

Working in higher education, I've had the chance to surf the World Wide Web rather freely, and I just wanted to tell you that I've found the White House site among the most inte resting. I glanced through the press briefmgs, recent releases and even parts of the Constitution. I now know I have an excellent resource for getting White House news and information straight from the source. I also had the chance to take a brief look at the White House tour. Maybe it's the history and majesty of the place, but I was truly amazed to see images of the Blue Room and the Oval Office appear on my screen. The entire site seems well organized and easy to get around. Thanks!

I have used this service several times, and even though I am a student of American culture and politics I feel that i have learned something. The links to other agencies have proven useful to me in my studies. The tour was fun. For other foreigners who know less than I do about American government this service is a great learning opportunity, as it is very accessible. I am looking forward to even more improvements.

Depending on how it is used, I would have to think that this is a superior use for computers. Those of you who thought it up and are keeping it going deserve a strong pat on the back. Good job!

A little humor is a good thing for government. I just stopped working, for lunch, and discovered the Vice President's Cartoon Page, via the Syracuse News page. Well done! Actually, the entire Whitehouse site is exemplary. I just have not had any particular reason to say so. Keep up the good work! It becomes a better information resource all the time and looks great.

Our school has just connected with the intemet and we have found the services provided by the US Government to be an excellent source of information and ideas. It is tremendous when governments show this level of support. I wish our own government in the United Kingdom was as forward looking!

I'm a new conservative Republican, a new internet user,, and a new admirer of the White House Web Service. You have done an excellent job, but more importantly I appreciate your desire to make this information available to me so easily. Thank you very much

I've been meaning to write for some time to thank you for providing this WWW service. When I first found out about it, I said, "oh isn't that nice"... but have since found it invaluable to link to government services, information about Washington DC, and most recently, Red Cross information following the disaster in Oklahoma City. It is well-organized and easy to use. Good job!

On behalf of my son Rory who is five I would like to say Thank you. He has really enjoyed this service. He did not even know who the president was until he saw him here. He did have one favorite however this was the recording of Socks, and he asked me if you could include more sounds and movies in the future. He wanted more to do than hear daddy read to him and the sound of Socks meowing held his attention.

You have done an admiral job here. it is easy to use and offers an easy way to voice opinions. nice work. however, you might like to publicize a bit or at all) . there would be a very positive response i am am sure.

I really like this service. I am fairly new to the intemet. Truly the White House is leading the way to the next century and the information superhighway. This just makes the executive branch of the federal government truly more a part of the american and world public.

I wrote President Clinton a letter telling him about Project First and the successes I have had hooking up P. S. 97, an elementary school in Woodhaven, Queens, N.Y., to the Internet. Less than two weeks later I received a response signed by President Clinton which I will proudly display in the halls of the school. My letter not only arrived in a timely fashion, but was obviously read and attended to - thanks to your wonderful administration of the White House's WWW location. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. It really made me proud to be part of a technologically savvy country.

Neat tour of the White House. Our students were interested in Internet and this tour gave them the opportunity to see how it worked. Great Home Page. User friendly interface. All sorts of neat information. Thanks.

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