La Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls Va.- Though many people swear by this restaurant we were not impressed. I suppose it was because our expectations were too high (everyone raves about it and you have to make reservations weeks in advance). The food was very good, the service was alright, the atmosphere was pleasant and the price was fairly high. In my opinion though it seems to be TOO popular. Not to sound like too much of a snob, but the clientele was not quite as "high class" (for lack of a better term) as one would expect. The worst faux pas was the contest they had; draw a funny face on the stereotypical face of a frenchman on a card on the table and win a free dinner! I thought that was reserved for diners. The atmosphere is one of moving as many people through as possible. This may of been a bad night so we may try again. I just felt the dining experience was not quite right.

China Town in Reston Town Center. - The food is good, the price is fairly inexpensive, but the menu is confusing and the service is almost non existant. We have tried it a couple of times but it's still the same. The decor is very unique though. It's done to resemble the exterior of Chinatown (ie as if you are dining in the street).

Planet Hollywood and The HardRock Cafe Neat decor! - overpriced, loud, medium quality food.

Anitas New Mexican Restaurant in Herndon - Ok food, Ok service, poor decor, overpriced. This is a place to avoid. If it were cheap, it would be a good alternative to Taco Bell.

Unos in the Reston Town Center - Though I love the Unos in Georgetown, something happened when it ventured into the berbs. The quality just didn't come with it.