This page is in no way a "serious" page. It's purpose in life is twofold: (1) To give me an opportunity to practice building homepages (2) To share some tidbits of life and culture in Virginia and Washington D.C. To this extent you will see improvements in the format of this page from time to time as I learn new "gee whiz" stuff. I will also be adding to and updating my reviews periodically. So each time you visit it should be different.

The following is an unofficial guide to some select eateries.

I use the following rating system: indicates overall rating of the restaurant (one for ok, two for very good but not great, and three for excellant). indicates the quintessential fine dining experience!

I also have a new section on quick inexpensive places to eat. These are places you can eat for under $20pp and they don't take reservations.

I am also instituting a page dedicated to restaurants we were not impressed by. These are not necessarily bad restaurants, they are just places I would not frequent for one or more reasons. This may be controversal but keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are only my own. Retorts are accepted, but please no flames!

If you're looking for something else to do in Washington DC besides eat, take a look at

The Washingtonian Magazine.

The DC What's New page is also a good place to find interesting goings-on in our Nation's Capitol.

Again, thanks for visiting My Homepage. I hope you've enjoyed your stay.