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May 22nd, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] [PHOTO: John Carlin]

John Carlin Nominated for National Archivist

[ICON: Greenball] [ICON: Peter Max Painting]

United States National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library

May 18th, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] [PHOTO: President and Mrs. Clinton at Prayer Service]

Remarks By The President During "A Time of Healing" Prayer Service April 23, 1995

May 12th, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] [MAP: USA] Keeping Faith With America:

A Look at President Clinton's Accomplishments
During the First Two Years

[ICON: Greenball] Federal Trade Commission [SEAL: FTC]

May 10th, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] President Clinton's address at Michigan State University's Spring 1995 Convocation

May 9th, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [SEAL: FDIC]

May 5th, 1995

[ICON: Greenball]Presidential Fitness Partners in May.

[ICON: Greenball] [ICON: Children with globe] The Vice President established the GLOBEprogram to increase environmental awareness among children around the world.

[ICON: Greenball] The Peace Corps

[ICON: Peace Corps]

[ICON: Greenball] [IMAGE: Bridge] Bridge To A Sustainable Future

May 4th, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] The White House Collection of American Crafts

Presented by the National Museum of American Art

[ICON: Greenball] US International Trade Commission [LOGO: NEH]

May 2nd, 1995

[ICON: Greenball] [LOGO: NEH]

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