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October 26th, 1995

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White House Internet Service Marks First Anniversary;
Approaching Four-Million Mark

October 24th, 1995

President Clinton's Address to the Gathering of World Leaders
at the Special Commemorative Meeting for the UN 50th Anniversary

October 23rd, 1995

[US Senate WWW page header]
The United States Senate

Presents Their New WWW Page

October 19th, 1995

[White House Fellows seal]
The White House Fellows program

unveils their new page

October 18th, 1995

[Photo: President Greeting UT Assembly]
Presidential Speech on Race Relations
October 16th, 1995
The University of Texas

Clinton urges end to racial division
The On-Line Daily Texan

In May 1995 Pennsylvania Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets was closed by the Department of the Treasury to public vehicular traffic. Following the closure, the National Park Service was asked to coordinate the development of long-term plans for this area. The public is requested to share thoughts, ideas, and concerns about Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House.

October 5th, 1995

[TC Logo]
President Clinton Launches Tech Corps

October 2nd, 1995

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission

opens their new Internet service

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