III. New Community -

Cracking Down on Drugs

" I'm going to do everything I can to implement the 1995 National Drug Control Strategy...We propose to work more closely with foreign governments to cut drugs off at the source. We propose to boost community efforts to educate young people about the dangers and penalties of drug use...We will work to break the cycle of crime and drugs providing treatment to hardcore drug users, who consume most of the drugs and cause much of the crime and health problems. And we will punish people who break the law more severely."

-- President Clinton
February 8, 1995

Background: Illegal Drugs are Still a Problem

A Four Part Drug Strategy

Crack Down on Hard-Core Drug Use

[Photo:  President Clinton with students from the D.A.R.E. program.]Send a Strong No Use Message to Our Kids

Reduce Drug-Related Crime and Violence

Tough Federal Drug Enforcement. The Strategy calls for increased coordination of federal anti-drug enforcement efforts, including:

Cut Drugs at the Source

The Environment & Public Health
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