IV. New Government -

Reinventing Government

"We can no longer afford to pay more for --and get less from our government. The answer for every problem cannot always be another program or more money. It is time to radically change the way gov ernment operates -- to shift from top-down bureaucracy to entrepreneurial government that empowers citizens and communities to change our country from the bottom up. We must reward the people and ideas that work and get rid of those that don't."

-- Governor Bill Clinton/Senator Al Gore
Putting People First, 1992

A Government that Was Too Big and Cost Too Mu ch

President Clinton Boldly Started Reinventing Government

Four Main Principles

The Vice President's National Performance Review developed four main principles to guide its efforts to reinvent government:

Cut Government Back to Basics -- cut the size of the Federal work force and constantly find ways to make government work better and cost less -- reengineering how work is done and reexamining programs and processes.

Put Customers First. Changing government's culture by focusing on what matters to the people it serves.

Cut Red Tape. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, procedures and requirements for the federal government, its state and local partners and its customers.

Empower Employees. To get results -- remove layers of oversight, give front-line employees not only responsibility and accountability.

Common Sense Regulatory Reform
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