III. New Community -

Welfare Reform

"I believe we must end welfare as we know it, because the current welfare system is a bad deal for taxpayers who pay the bills and for the families who are trapped on it. The American people deserve a government that honors their values and spends their money judiciously, and a country that rewards people who work hard and play by the rules."

-- President Clinton
December 8, 1994

The President wants welfare reform that reinforces basic American values -- work, responsibility, and family -- not punishes children for their parents' mistakes.

The President is optimistic that Democrats and Republicans working together can produce meaningful welfare reform. Now that the House has completed its work, the President hopes to work with the Senate to develop a proposal that truly ends welfare by requiring and promoting work and parental responsibility, while helping not hurting children.




The Proposals House Republicans Have Pursued
Are Weak on Work and Cruel to Kids.

The administration is pushing for:

The President Has a Lengthy History of
Commitment to Welfare Reform


The administration introduced the Work and Responsibility Act (WRA) last year - the most comprehensive welfare reform legislation a President has ever proposed. President Clinton hosted a bipartisan working session at the White House in January with leaders from all levels of government, and the administration will continue to pursue a bipartisan approach.The House passed welfare reform legislation on March 24th, on a vote that was almost strictly along party lines. The President commended the House for moving forward on the issue and for including all of the child support provisions from the WRA last year, but he was critical of other aspects of the bill, and the Administration's line on the bill generally was: not tough enough on work, too harsh on children. The Senate has held its first hearings, but no action on specific legislation is expected until May at the earliest.

IV. New Government
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