Rebuilding America
For A New Era

I. Introduction

[Photo:  Presidential address.]

II. New Economy

The Economy Under President Clinton
Cutting the Deficit and Unnecessary Spending
Community Empowerment
The Middle Class Bill of Rights
Opening Markets and Expanding Trade
Building A Stronger, Hi-Tech, Deregulated Economy

[Photo:  President and Mrs. Clinton.]

III. New Community

Affirmative Action
Child Care and Head Start
Fighting Crime
Cracking Down On Drugs
The Environment & Public Health
Welfare Reform

[Photo:  President Clinton and Vice-President Gore.]

IV. New Government

Reinventing Government
Common Sense Regulatory Reform
A New Federal-State Partnership

[Photo:  International flags.]

V. American Leadership in the World

Reducing the Nuclear Threat
Military Readiness
Promoting Democracy Abroad
Peace in Northern Ireland
Reinvigorating the Mideast Peace Process