V. American Leadership In the World


President Clinton believes that for America to be strong at home, it must be strong abroad. He has fought to preserve the tradition of American leadership in the world against a growing tide of isolationism. Only be being actively engaged in world affairs can America promote its highest interests -- maintaining security, promoting prosperity.

The end of the Cold War has brought tremendous opportunities to make America safer, and President Clinton is seizing those opportunities. Here is a brief overview of the President's accomplishments in the foreign policy area:

Reducing the Nuclear Threat

He has made great strides to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons. Thanks to the Administration's efforts:

Military Readiness

Our national security depends on preserving the strength of our armed forces.

Promoting Peace

Promoting peace in the troubled regions of the world also serves the United States' security interests.

Because of the President's strong commitment to a stronger America engaged in the world, today, our families can turn out the lights at night and sleep in greater safety than at any time since the dawn of the nuclear age.

Reducing the Nuclear Threat
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