V. American Leadership In the World -

Promoting Democracy Abroad

"Our efforts to help build more democracies will make us all more secure, more prosperous, and more successful, as we try to make this era of terrific change our friend and not our enemy."

-- President Clinton
UN General Assembly, September 26, 1994

Strengthening and expanding the community of democratic nations advances our national interests and is consistent with American ideals. Democratic nations are less likely to wage war. They are more likely to promote open markets and free trade. They are also more likely to provide people with the economic and political tools to build a future in their own countries. President Clinton has taken decisive steps to support democracy in some of the most vital parts of the world. Specifically, during the past two years, the United States has:

The Administration will continue to help expand democracy in ways that vary in each case, but that share common elements:

Peace in Northern Ireland
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