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Peace in Northern Ireland

"A just and lasting settlement that respects the rights and traditions of the two communities in Northern Ireland is, after so many years of bloodshed, finally within reach."

-- President Clinton
December 1, 1994

The transformation of Northern Ireland over the past two years has been extraordinary: the region isenjoying a peace unknown in a generation; there is new hope for economic revitalization; and the British and Irish prime ministers are deeply committed to working closely together with the people of NorthernIreland to reach a lasting, democratic political settlement. From the beginning of his Administration,President Clinton has been deeply engaged in supporting the search for peace and reconciliation inNorthern Ireland:

Following the declaration of cease-fires by the IRA and loyalist paramilitaries in August and October 1994 respectively, the President in November set forth a number of initiatives to increase U.S. support for the political and economic revitalization of Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic including:

Americans have deep ties of kinship, culture and history with the United Kingdom and Ireland. U.S. interests also flow from our commitment to a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Europe and to the protection and enhancement of human rights throughout the world. The Administration will continue to be actively engaged in supporting the extraordinary opportunity for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland that now exists.

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