V. American Leadership In the World -
Reinvigorating the Mideast Peace Process

[Photo:  President Clinton signs treaty.]"From the outset, America's commitment to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East has been backed by a strong pledge that whenever Arabs and Israelis turn the page on the past, the United States would work with them to write a real, practical future of hope. Those who take risks for peace must not stand alone."

-- President Clinton
October 26, 1994

The past two years have witnessed unprecedented progress toward a lasting, secure, and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. The Clinton Administration has made the achievement of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Middle East a major foreign policy priority.

The United States will continue to do all that it can to help bring about a lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East which ensures the security of Israel and its neighbors. The Clinton Administration will:

In addition, over the last two years the United States has also sought to foster conditions favorable to long-term regional economic growth.

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