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About The Fellowships Home Page

ON BEHALF OF the President and his Commission on
White House Fellowships,
welcome to the Fellows home page

Thousands Already Served On-line

The White House Fellows program is proud to be a part of the Government Information Locator Service and the Vice President's Information Highway Initiative. You've helped make us the most visited White House home page during our first months of on-line access. By fall of 1995, over 3,000 Internet users had downloaded our application.

New Features Include Simplified Application

This second on-line edition of our home page contains some new features and information -- and a more inviting look, representing advances and upgrades at the White House over the past year. We've made our application more computer-friendly and easier to complete by replacing the mandatory multi-page format with new instructions which enable candidates to generate their own application materials.

In the future, we look forward to being able to accept applications on-line. We are committed to keeping abreast of this technology in order to serve you more effectively and efficiently. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

Thanks For Helping Us Reduce Taxpayer Costs

We appreciate your interest and we encourage prospective candidates to download the Fellowship application, available here. In so doing, you help to reduce taxpayer costs and conserve the valuable natural resources consumed in producing and mailing hard copy brochures and applications. Electronic access to the application form already has saved you and the government over six thousand dollars.

The White House Fellowships home page features all of the textual information and most of the graphics which currently appear in the hard copy edition of the 1996 program brochure. The home page also provides historical background and additional information not found in the brochure. Thank you for choosing the electronic alternative.

Use of Materials

Users are invited to copy or download any materials here for personal use. Please credit photos "White House Fellows."

The Commission gratefully acknowledges the support provided by the White House Office of Administration and the Office of Science and Technology Policy in making this information available on-line.

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