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Work Assignments

ENGAGEMENT IN THE WORK OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT lies at the center of the White House Fellowships. Work assignments can bring broad access and ever changing issues and challenges, but also long hours and unglamorous chores requiring as much perseverance as ability.

Fellows are assigned to the staff of the Executive Office of the President and to Photo:  Former Fellow Sharon 
Kiely"Learning by working is the core strength of the program. As a doctor from Pittsburgh, the chance to develop an idea and see it implemented by the Secretary of Health and Human Services was remarkable. All this, in an environment of camaraderie, makes this program truly unique."
-- Sharon C. Kiely, 1994-95

Photo:  Former Fellow Rod von Lipsey"My fellowship year provided opportunities to observe and contribute to the decision-making process beyond any of my reasonable expectations. As a Marine Corps officer, I hope that the experience enriches my understanding of national security challenges, present and future."
-- Rod von Lipsey, 1993-94

Photo:  Former Fellow Marc Thomas"On the Vice President's staff, I worked on issues ranging from the environment to peacekeeping. I traveled with him to three continents and met with the heads of state of South Africa, Russia, and China."
-- Marc T. Thomas, 1994-95

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